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'Til Love Walked In

She never experienced any true love dreams
.....Nor had any hopes realized
..........That is until you walked on in
And stirred her with your incredible eyes!

She never felt any bliss in her life
.....Nor had she any faith it could ever be
..........That is until you walked on in
And clearly set her free!

She never really wanted much
.....Nor any prayers for a joyous-loving life
..........That is until you walked on in
And proceeded to make her your wife!

By, Theodora Onken

May 5, 2016

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Susan, thank you so much. Makes me happy to know that you enjoyed it....think the world needs lots of joy bubbles to kind of neutralize all of it's often angry troubles. You made my day, by the way....thank you, thank you, thank you!
This poem just sparkles with joy! ! ! Love is so heart-wrenching to wait for but when it arrives we are so glad we waited and didn't settle for less. It is not an easy thing to transmit joy through the written media, but you did. I'm just sitting here feeling joyful for no reason other than having just read your joy and shared in it. Thank you for the gift of joy bubbles!
Edward, thank you so much for reading my words and taking the time to comment.
Until you walked on in! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.