JD (23- 03- 1988 / Imo state, Nigeria)

Till Am A Man

Am too young to seek my fathers ache,

Too fragile to face the wrath of the aches,

Too novice to know the path that brought them here,

Too little to be called 'a grown - up',

Too blind to see the light they kept for my journey,

My home is not too small for there ache,

My sight not too fragile to behold his wrath,

My thinking not too 'a novice' to detect the path that smells Rossy,

My height not too high but am high enough to be called 'A MAN',

My eyes not yet closed, cos i know the 'LIGHT SOURCE'

My home has being widen much that it echoes,

My sight has being much stiffed with its wrath,

My finger-tips has being ranked the master of this path,

My height needs a partner on the 'GOLDEN RECORD'

My eyes too stiffed to get closed, unless death opens my door...

My ears can't bear the knocking of an 'enemy' that becomes 'friend',

My head is too old to behold the echoes of its whip,

My sight keep getting on the 'far-known' friends,

After the life struggle, we all gotta say 'GOOD BYE'...

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