Till Death Do Us Part

Your spirit in Bloom, Your Body in Grace
how supernatural are the mornings when i wake to see your face
I would study each contour, Marvel at every line
taken aback by your deepset eyes, your respendence sulblime

You take my hand into yours, Cradling me with love
evermore increasing,
my tearful joy at your promise of eternal love happiness and family bliss never ceasing

i pray to god that i will live up to the standard you've set
i pray that He'll give strength and the power to protect
this magical, magestic creature so beautiful to me and my love
that was clearly sent to me from the seventh heaven above

so this is my promise.today, that i am making to you
That we'll walk through life together, all our troubles subdue
that i will cherish and protect this gentle heart you have gifted to me
that we shall blossom more beautiful than
the magestic springtime cherry blossom tree
that i will bear our children raise them to be good and strong
that i will teach them to love, to laugh, to know the difference between right and wrong
theres one more thing that i've been wanting to say from the start

that i Nawaal, will love you Conan Lee Court, (for like the vows we shall procliam before our Lord)
'Till Death do us part.

by nawaal daniels

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sweeeet...... i loved it.......