Till Eulenspiegel

Eulenspiegel, merry lad,
What a laughing life you had!
Prank and jest were yours by right
Or at noontime or at night,
And the simple tricks you played
On the spinster and the jade
Only helped sad hearts to be
Lighter through felicity.

If you knocked upon the door
Of a house you'd missed before,
How the little home would wake,
Laughing for your laughter's sake!
Never since Time was begun
Has Life frowned on harmless fun;
Never has there been a day
Filled to full of foolish play.

Let the sober folk and dense
Laugh at your young innocence;
Tricks that they have never guessed
(Many a little quip and jest)
Play upon them till they take
Long, long leave of grieving. Make
Plots and plans of such design
As will cause old eyes to shine.

Trip your way into my heart,
Eulenspiegel! Let me part
With the sorrow and the tears
That are marching down the years.
Play your pranks with all of us,
In that way felicitous,
Till the darkness of our night
Blooms with laughter and delight.

by Charles Hanson Towne

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