Till God Does Find Another Path

Till God does find another path
For me to tread I'll carry on,
And walk where'er life takes me to
And climb each rock and stone,
My destiny cannot be changed
Yet my sweet Lord shall guide my steps,
And angels lead me on my way
I'll never be alone.

I shall not stray from what is right
Until I breathe my final breath,
And meet my Loed and Saviour then
And paradise I'll see,
To join with those who passed before
In peace within the garden there,
I shall rejoice when I have found
The greatest place to be.

Till God does find another path
For me to tread I won't complain,
The course is mapped for me to go
For everything is planned,
If therefore I must suffer now
I know that there's a reason why,
If hidden it shall be revealed
Then I will understand.


Comments (2)

Beautiful, just beautiful Andrew. I really loved reading this one, you are a star poet. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
I pray that the Angels oversee your journey and guide you gently Love duncan X