Till I'M Gray And Old

I care about her so much
I hate seeing her in pain
As i've been there myself
Black and blue on her arm's

With a baby on the way
He puts on the greatest front
With a smile
(Never say's a word)

But behind that smile is a angry man
And for that its her he hurts
The baby's 9 monthes living now
And he's got a ring he bought down town

He askes her to marry him
She sai yes but slowly frowns
Out of this crazy life
She wants so bad

But he wont let her leave
I wanna take her out of that life
And take care of the baby her and me
Christina i love you so much

I just want to let you know
I'll take care of you forever
Even if it's till im grey and old
Why is there so much hurt in this world.

by Ruth warren

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