JG (September 13,1994 / Macedonia)

Till Judgment Does Its Worst

People walk around me,
Noticing nothing but the look upon my face,
How my body goes by which of a model,
What they see isn't what they get,

People walk away,
Not seeing the scars on my heart,
Showing I have won a battle,
A battle that isn't always won,
But the cuts and bruises are there,

People walk around me,
Judging me by how I act,
Whether it be age five to twenty-one
I am never treated the same,

But people move forward,
Moving forward isn't the problem though,
It's the judgmental and closed-minded way
That has destroyed this world,
The Riots and shootings,

The yelling and fighting,
The sex addiction and bullying,
There is no silver lining,
Wake me up,
Feels like I am drowning

by Jessica Gabanyic

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