Add it up and it still equals nothing.
Thirty years of labor yields a tear in the ocean.
But the numbers are symbolic of human souls.
~Anoint my mind.~

The kingdom of heaven is at hand.
And I sit with my hands clasped
While old numbers are replaced with new.
~Anoint my soul.~

2.5 million - just one city, just one country.
So much work reaches a fraction of one culture.
Twenty-one years I've sat on my yearning hands.
~Anoint my will.~

You are the Caller, You are the Lover.
Isa still reigns even though people go to Hell.
YAHWEH! don't let them die without hearing.
~Anoint my heart.~

by Lors Dilouley

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I believe that Tilly was his mother - or a cow. One of the two.