How enigmatic you are!
You can't be touched
But can be sensed,
As if a phantom existence.
You flow like a river
And we are supposed to swim
In the name of survival.
Your journey began
Long before all the creations,
With a destiny to move ahead
Without any halt.
You put me
In absolute bewilderment
When I think about you!
Are you a creator's creation?
Or you created yourself!

How powerful you are!
Being a sole witness
Of all the rise and fall,
You control
Every thought and action.
You can turn
The truth into lie;
We address it - 'situation demands',
But you are the situation maker.
You force the life
To be ever changing and dynamic.
Even some eternal values
Are fighting a lost battle
With you, to protect their eternity.
To me, you are the most
Awe inspiring entity ever.

How contrasting you are!
With fierce cruelty
You inflict wounds;
With gentle serenity
You heal those wounds.
Sometimes you are remembered
As the sweetest memory,
Sometimes you offer us
Distasteful reality.
Sometimes you put us
In a mournful aura;
Sometimes you offer us
Delight in plethora.
To me, you are
The archetype
Of any capricious entity.

Very often in vacant mood,
I wish if I could
Maneuver your motion;
Then I could have edited
My life.
Yet I owe you my existence.

by Samya Bose

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Seeing last stanza, it seems that you have added some magical pearls to your thoughts........and welcome to the eternal platform of POETRY..