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Poem By Margaret Reed

The measured step of man through the ages: at times, a "will-o-wisp"
that we chase with out-stretched eager hands, and nimble feet,
hoping to draw it to our breasts and hang on to it tightly.
Such a long way to go, to experience all the mysteries that life will open up
to us. Each day, a brand new day, filled with play, hope and happiness.
But bodies must grow, and minds store away all the lessons learned, to be
taken out later, scrutinized and categorized as to worth and importance.
The important things will become permanent, and the frivolous discarded
unconsciously. Life, evolving from the concentration on "Self", to
"relationships" and "interactions" with others of similar and different sex.
How interesting and beautiful the enlarging spectrum of the colors of life-
so many different races, languages, and customs.
But then comes the call to find a soul mate, to be joined to in body and
spirit in the ecstasy of love and fulfillment, bringing forth the seed to
perpetuate the progress of mankind through the veils of time.
The "River of Life" flowing naturally around all obstacles, bridging all
chasms, in it's headlong race toward the " Ocean of Life".
How swiftly time flies! If only we could slow it down somehow! But it is
not to be! It has no master, and triumphs over all flesh on the face of the
earth. It is the great judge of human history, with all it's ups and downs.
And when the hoary head is laid in final rest, untrammeled Time marches on.
Ah, nebulous Time, where are you now?

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