It is a crime, to waste your time,
for it is this very time,
that'll make you shine.
If not today, tomorrow or some other day.

This moment is not to repent,
on the time spent.
but to think and be intelligent.
Come on, let's rise up
and learn to cheer up.

This moment will not stay,
so awake without a delay.
Your future is just a piece of clay
that can be moulded in any way

by Rajalaxmi Vasudevan

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Interesting. I read your poem because long ago I also wrote a poem called Time. It was the first poem I had ever written and it quickly became published in more than 20 different books who had requested my written permission allowing each of them to publish it. I have an interest to read any other poem bearing the same title which, as a result, brings me to so many websites. And here I am too. You are also welcome to view the poem I wrote about Time at: http: //poemhunter.com/poem/time/ Since we are mixed with time as we develop into existence, I believe we are a part of time and time is a part of us. So when I look upon a graveyard I see where a part of time lays at rest itself.