AR (October 29,1974 / USA Harrisburg, PA)


its neither for you or against you, when
getting up in the morning, looking out the
window wondering what this day will bring
you... knowing that sooner or later you will
have to do the daily chore of dressing and
taking care of business, then trying to have
fun all at the same time as doing your daily
routine... then coming home and relaxing
shutting your eyes and sleeping only to wake
up and do it again tomorrow, the only thing
is, what if time ran out while you are
sleeping, have you done all that you really
want to have done? have you held your loved
ones the way you want to have held them? or
did you neglect to look in their eyes and
tell them how much you really feel... no
matter what, you never know if time is there,
take the time to let everyone you love know
you care... for no one knows if the time
will be there if you open your eyes

by Abimael Roque

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