Poem By Ayni Poet

I would lock you in a tiny, blue bottle
And throw you in the restless ocean
You'd fall effortlessly on a bed of shells
And weed would spiral around your shapeless curves.

I would blow you far, far into galaxies of dust
Where no light could ever reach
You'd vanish in a fuzzy, silent darkness
And sleep deeply on top of clouds.

I can't se you with my earthly eyes
Yet my soul can feel you pulsating,
In each breath that I count,
In all those sounds, which decompose.

You're here to remind us that we're on a journey,
You signal us your presence in each our breath
And make us glide in your fake steps.
I illusory find you in the stillness of the mountain rocks,
I touch you in my inner strings.

I would burry you in sand castles on the beach
But your sacred fragrance would escape
I would hang you by the Sun's rays
But then how would I know that I'm alive,
Who are you, Time?

Comments about Time

I love the first stanza of this poem.
Wish I could lock time in a blue bottle but I am helpless the initiative is with the time, it locked me before I could lock it.
a good poetic personal view of what is time? my thoughts are time does not exist it is just another manmade thing to keep us under control.............well written.

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