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AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)


Poem By AHO Speaks

Each day a gift of life to me
A life is the very essence; ' to be'.

Not metaphorical for that is easy to do
Acceptance of reality for we exist, because of you.

Each of us in our time of need
Hold ourselves up to you as a dutiful seed.

In spite of the frailty and weakness, you do provide
The trinity of your oneness lies inside.

To acknowledge I have done much less than what you gave
Even unto the last breath I know you will save.

A cessation of time will be a cause for anger
Yet I know I will not be greeted by a stranger.

There is no reason for me to ever deny
Except in your presence I will surely cry.

Each tear of happiness and those of sorrow
Gifts of yesterday and today and why not tomorrow.

I can never repay nor do you ever ask
Only to do our best in every earthly task.

10-11-05 Aho Speaks

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