Waves Of Love

can sense her from a distance
when she moves towards me
till it reaches a crescendo
when she is closest as close could be!

but those times her I badly need
when she moves away
her sounds faint as she recedes
can't all the time with me stay!

how she gives my spirits a lift
her closeness makes my day
do feel pang when she shifts
when she has to go away!

the nearer she is she delights
she must be my perfect mate
I can feel it days and nights
what you call Doppler Effect!

by Pradip Chattopadhyay

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Comments (3)

Youth, pity them, looks down on age, but Lordy, I am thankful to be the age I am. I am loving my advanced years, and I can clearly see that you do as well! Wonderfully expressed! Scarlett
the only time i come across a friendly face is when i smile at the man looking in the mirror AJS
Well there's a sweet start to my Friday morning! Reminds me of 'Love After Love' by Derek Walcott. Sweet and touching. To you, Herbs. Gina.