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My song of time a soundless hymn
Like weeping rain against the wind
I'll sail along a sea of space
and weave a crown of moonlit lace
On foamy clouds I'll make my bed
On starlit nights to rest my head
I'll dream of life while growing old
Asleep on thoughts that turn to gold
Though shipwrecked dreams I've come across
Just tossed and turned till they were lost
Among the memories swept aside
Like scattered treasures far and wide
All buried fears among the years
Now gone away like whispered tears
I'll swim the deep in endless time
With eyes of life that ever shine
Till lips of fate caress the night
and kiss the darkness into light

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A true 10 for one of my favorite poetry writer's poems. Take a bow, for I am applauding you for your great writing. I was nine years old when I first started writing poetry. Who, or what was your inspiration for writing such great poems? Edgar A. Poe, inspired me into the types of poetry I write.
Beautifully written Ms.Bizzari! I don't know if it was your first poem, but that was pretty good for a 13 years old girl. I wrote my first poem at thirteen too. :) I really enjoyed reading your poem. ~JD~
Thanks for the 'tho' / 'though'....It was 32 years ago, my classical engine must have stalled at that tender age Miss Zylstra!
Good rhythm, good imagery. Try not to abbreviate your words. 'Tho' spoils the classical look of the line. 'Though' would be better.