I tell you everyday,
that something may be wrong,
But you just sit and stare,
at the empty space beyond,
I feel as though I cause you pain,
I can see it in your eyes,
Something that is luring,
something deep inside,

Maybe I’m just a failure,
a loser to life itself,
everything that may,
Be coming out my mouth,
I know you are getting tired,
about all the things I say,
and I know you don’t believe me,
I can feel your agony and dismay,

But I need to tell you this,
Your the only one I trust,
I tell you all my secrets,
But you leave them there to rust,
My mother doesn’t love,
She knows nothing of me,
I think of telling her,
but she doesn’t care enough about me,

You know of all my mistakes,
and you take them all for granted,
You tell me it’s my fault,
for something you have planted,
Seeing with your heart,
not with just your eyes,
Gives you something else,
like beauty in the inside,

You have to be perfect,
To be living in this world,
but as you can see around you,
there’s nothing even close,
People with problems as the same as mine,
with others that don’t believe them,
showing that there not at all fine,
That’s the only thing we have,
is hoping for more time,
but time is getting shorter,
like every thinning line.

by Paige Thomas

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Subtle and effective. Love the phrase 'Time is getting shorter'- havent heard truer words spoken today. Brill. Effie xxxx