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TC ( / Mississippi)


I have been taught that our days are numbered just like the hairs on our head.

Some filled with Vida some faded gray.

Yet both are numbered.

There comes a moment when I wish for the clock to pause.

So that I may slow down the count and see you once more before the next gray hair is that number.

We are as Romeo and Juliet stuck in a web of love.

Yet victims of our blood.

We are forced to keep memories of desire that could ignite the darkness of a black hole buried in an unmarked grave.

The joy of finding a soul mate is clouded by the fear of unbelievers.

Am I not worthy to taste the nectar of life?

Is it not written that all men are created equal?

Why am I to be deprived of the fragrance of you?

Time is my true nemesis.

We all are spiritually bound by it.

Our minds are taught thru it.

How we choose to love grows with it.

Time is filled with swift transitions.

But it will take the passing of time to see the one I hope for.

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