AAA (3rd March 1985 / Kano)


The determining factor,
Of what to be done and what not to be done,
Of what is right and what is wrong.

I seem to ask myself over and over again,
Why cant I get rich instantly,
Why cant I be grown up at once,
And be ready to marry my love,
And bear children of my own?
I learnt to understand the answer,
'Because my time has not reached.'

But then why cant we sleep in the morning,
And play in the night?
My mind then echoed,
'Because it is not the right time.'

Why then do we have to say goodbye,
To our loved ones, why do they have to leave,
Why cant they live to see the next day,
My heart then cried,
'Because their time has expired.'

I now believe everything to be a matter of time,
And everything depends on time for it to happen,
Time is indeed the greatest healer... of wounds and events.

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