SVC (23 March 1989 / )


curious isn't it?
you give him everything! !
forgetting about the past!
living in the present.
- with him.
but for him it is not enough.
he wants freedom.
to enjoy his youth
'you came along to soon.'
he says as though to make you feel better
but it doesn't
he makes you angry
he drives you mad.
he's still stuck in the past
blaming you for the things past lovers have done
where's the fairness in that?
you gave him a true fighting chance
but he, still hasn't let go of the past.
is this relationship doomed or what?

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Sandra - Relationships can be so frustrating when we find we need someone. If you can let go, everything will come to you, when the time is right. This is very honestly expressed. Cheryl
The reader sense and indecision about what to do in this write, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. May peace and joy fill your heart once again soon. Scott