Time 4 Us 2 Gain Peace

Seeing the inner beauty that lies within,
seeing the goodness in one another is where we should
all begin,
judging because of the color of one's skin,
well to me that is an out right total sin.
None of us live the same exact way,
so because of this there has to be a price to pay?

I may not talk like you,
you may not walk the walk like me,
that doesn't mean we should treat each other all that differently,
if we were exactly the same, did every motion the same,
oh what a boring world this would be.

I'm not saying make each and every individual your
personal friend,
if we could all be decent towards one another
for the remainder
of our time on earth,
for it shall come to end.
We only have each other is what I'd like
you to understand,
it's really not that hard,
for it is a simple heart-felt plan.

by Linda I. Weischedel

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Well said. If only everyone would be nice to each other, this world would certainly be a happier place. What is it about peace that we don't understand? Keep the message going.