HM (august 30 93 / England)


we do not create time
we dont not destroy it
we can waste it
so lets just lay here
looking at the coulds move
waiting just waiting
not for anything really
just something big
so we lay here
the sun is hiding
going away and here comes the moon
it is so cold
but i have you next to me
and thats all i need
we dont need to speak
there is nothing to say
its all just in laying there
watching the stars come out
we are small and fleeting
they have been there forever
and so when you leave
promise me you will lay on a grass of green
and look at the stars
just think of me
and remember when
we laid in the grass and just did nothing
all the time passed by us
and nothing could stop us
we just were
the flow of time was complete
so what happened to that time

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