Poem By Sarah Lee Tyus

Look around for time
It's a secret that's created in your mind
Just think: you're not blind
Time moves day to night
What time can do, it's out of sight Wait around depending on time
it will slip away if you don't mine
Each day the world turns around
You know not where lies the existance of time
Just know it moves onward bound Woe unto man who try wasting time
When needed its not there from him to find
Your days may be filled with other things
Don't be fooled time waits on no man My First Born I looked at my first born
I was filled with smiles
My mother looked at me and shook her head in style
Her words, she is on your lap
one day she will be on your heart child.
I looked at her and smiled
After she had grown up
plenty days I wept inside
My mother is gone, but she never lied
Today my prayers go out to the fathers and mothers
of the slain children of Columbine High.

COLUMBINE OH Columbine High
OH Columbine High
A mark is left but it's not mine
Tragedy struck, broadcast all over the news
OH Columbine High
OH Columbine High
It's not the school saying their goodbyes I keep wondering where those grands are tonight;
Keep praying they will get home safe, be alright.
Can you all hear a grandmother's plea?
Come home while its day, be with me.
but greiving parent with tears in their eyes
looking down on their children laid side by side. Let us pray, oh let us pray
That the sins of this world be washed away
Pray, pray again that this tragedy never takes place.
Keep praying that the children left at Columbine will be safe.

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