MF ( / Milton, MA)


You gave me back time
The one word I left to you
When you went away
What does this mean?
I'm not quite sure
It's not all the time in the world
For surely it is only a measurement of nothing
And there is more than anything of nothing
-so what then?
You gave me back time
Time to spare?
Time to cry?
Time to grow?
Time to live?
In one word you speak volumes of unanswered questions
For I know not how to answer time
It is of no consequence because if it is not used properly
Time is wasted
and it will have flown
Out the window and possibly gone for good
Time robs a person of opportunity,
Filling them with regret until all that is left is
Memories of what has been, might have been, recreated
In the mind as the way it should have been
Time is untrustworthy
And yet we seem to have all the time in the world in tonight

by Meredith Fahey

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