DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)


Like the hands on a clock, the tightening bands of a wrist watch
We feel and hear the ticking, clicking of dull days wash away
As we lay around or kicking the ground
Waiting for a something or a, someone to show us the way
Making mistakes is what it takes only if we learn the right traits
As individuals we must unite as one, one whole candidate
Standing as one we won’t witter away the hours of change
Now is the time to heal today, with the wind behind us we are ahead
Sore away from the lands on which so many souls have unwillingly bled
Too paradise shores and peaceful ways

Can we inside just find the time to scribe some lines, with words witch punctuate
The state of living with a given weight and end the tears of the young,
Before we find too many years have come behind us and we miss the starting gun
Blinded to the wind of change, we must realise we must take heed from ancient tolls
As the rivers of time will continue to roll,
We must find more too say, as they is plenty more we have to save,
Before we can say we found peace today
Far away within our mind ring the bells of miracles and magic spells,
But the wand is our mind and we must open up whilst we have time
As we take the challenge of a mountainous climb

We can bring about peaceful days and prevent the end day’s scenario
Which are playing out in our modern days let’s not reach the point
Today, where the time is gone the song is over,
I thought we'd something more to say….

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