LH (3/2/1989 / Carshalton)

Reality Check

Have you ever wished

that you could return

to your halcyon years

and wish you had learned

all the things you were taught

when you were so young

and life was a game

and living was fun?

Do you ever look back

on the things that you did

when you were so young

and were just a small kid

and remember the times

when you were too scared

to do all the things

that your friends had all dared.

How did you feel

when the years flew right by

and left you behind

in the blink of an eye

and did you ever lament

all the times you had pondered

the meaning of life

and the years you had squandered.

Well maybe it's time

you sat and reflected

on all of the hopes

and dreams you neglected,

maybe now is the time

that you'll understand

that not everything goes

the way you had planned.


by John KENT

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