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The sun went down - a blaze of light
As twilight ushered in the night.
The moon arose - a silvery glow.
Stars came out across the sky.
I saw a ray of light
In the darkness of my sleep.
Was it a dream or reality?
I heard a whisper, a whisper in my ear.
Somebody came closer to my ear with bright eyes and smiling
Hey, son! What shall I give? Quick was the answer.
"Time?" he laughed and laughed!
Why so, my son? was the whisper.
When I was born, I was behind,
When I am talking to you, I am far behind!
I try and try again, to catch up with the time.
No matter how hard I try
Or desperate I become, time is always the winner!
So give me time I always will cherish, even though I die.
Time is eternal! The human race will pass away,
But time is here to stay!

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