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Time - A New Lease?
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Time - A New Lease?

Of all the things now in this world
I ask you God, could you arrange
that my own body, being hurled
through time and space, into a strange
and distant, unknown universe
if you would, kindly leave the space
regarding, though, my private hearse
which will appear in any case
due to your failure to consider
that overpopulation will
discriminate against the bidder
such as myself, so you must kill
I ask you, would you stop the time
for me and ninety special friends
if so, I'll dedicate this rhyme
to you, I'll also make amends
and make this world a place of peace
so tell me soon what you've decided
what I would want is a new lease
give it to me and I'll be guided
by ten commandments handed down
by you to give us good behaviour
the change requires a small noun
called time, to stop.Bless you my saviour.

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