Smoking Cigarette

Pulling the fortune box from pocket,
Lifting its cap, a single stick out,
Straight up with a scissoring finger;
Putting it to the lips together,
The cigarette in between waits on till
Other hand of lighter sparks to flame and lit the edge.

The smoke begins out as it burn,
As the cigarette burns down
The smokes fume up like a chimney from the mouth.
Way from out into the lung;
Comes out through throat like a silencer...

He love to blow the smoke on the air,
Steadily watching it like a girl
Walking down the streets...
Meanwhile, ashes are shocked down to ashtray
The smokes flown up on the air,
He watches the smoke disappearing away;
As she burns herself down till she satisfies him.

He falls for her; she is a sleeping pill to him,
She makes him tempting;
Wanting go for another one right then she is finished!
She is, must needed to him
…for he is so addicted;
By the warmth of smoke she endows.

They make us read and say,
‘Smoking is injurious for health'
Still they love her deeply, don't you?
His love is strong and true,
He holds her waist as they dance along
Without her he feels forlorn;
Yet, with her he smoke and rule the moment.

For he keeps smoking cigarette,
Kissing her around…
Placing her near his heart on the pocket
He is a good kisser to her,
For he is a smoker; smoking cigarette.

by Vizo Meyase

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awesome poem... i adore your poem...
Life's important tool is time It's value in life is prime..... / Excellent interpretation of time and its stupendous role in our lives. It is for us to capture the opportunities and take tests offered by it as and when they come. Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem studded with perfect rhyme and ideas.
The concept of time has been a muse to many
So beautiful. Thanks for sharing
Thnxxxx to all... #VD
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