DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Time After Time

Lying in bed, I hear the clock tick,
And in my mind it drums a marching images of old, tired views,
Pictures too perfect and not what they where
Void of the truth, the poison of those days, daily toll blues

Caught up in whirlpools of the mind,
Time after time
Dreams and fantasies of hidden truths,
Sometimes Im calling, calling out to you
But you’re walking to far ahead,
Fading away so you cant feel or hear,
Warm nights of candles lit, and the words that I have said

Then the thoughts go to slow and I fall to far behind,
But when you’re lost I will look but I still can’t find you
Secrets stolen from me deep inside
The truth that outlined that forgotten but memorable time,
Snared by magic potions and fading sanity,
My hair grows grey and my window calls saying its all ok
As my heart beats out of time, I fall, and there’ll be no need to catch me
As the second hand unwinds I wont be waiting ill be flying then dying as I have done
Time after time

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