Time After Time

In His image God made me
All the trials and storms I faced
He put them in my life as tests

So I could see that God was there holding me the whole time
Even though I pushed Him away time after time
He was still there trying to show me the way

Time after time God saved me even when I didn't want him to
Even though I tried to push God away He never went away
He was always right there time after time

Even though I wanted to die He didn't
He's got bigger plans for me
Just gotta seek now and see what God has for me

Feels like I keep stumbling over my two feet
And I don't know what to do
I guess I need to pray and leave it in God's hands

No more sorrows
No more pain
I need to feel free and alive

I need you the one thing I can lean on
God I need you to show me which path to take
Cause I know time after time you will always be there even when no one else will

I know I count on you for anything and everything
You'll catch me and hold me in your arms
And time after time you will save me from the world

July 29 2009


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