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Time And Again

When everything goes in vain,
And every other thing looks mundane,
I close my eyes,
And open up my heart,
Forget all those lies,
All those bitter goodbies,
Give my hopes those wings to fly,
On the valley, up so high.
And I see the world
From a different high,
I want my past
To bid me goodbye;
I want to start my life afresh,
That same calm eyes,
And that same innocense.
Oh! it's just like the old times,
When we were together,
In all those laughs and all those cries,
In all those words and those bitter goodbies...
Alone myself, can I ever find?
Leaving all that I can't leave behind.
Often I want to drench in the rain,
Often I find everything drenched in pain.
Trying to escape but again in vain,
I go back down the memory lane
Time and again...

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