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Time And Love
(1967- / Homestead, Florida)

Time And Love

Poem By Kelly Vinal

Love might be nothing less than
Tears subsumed to rain clouds,
Frothing over a desert lake bed –
Let this be a dream.

Time might stand-down, stopping
Freeze-frame, every fracture
Or fissure developing in a
Vacuous continuum.

Love, or light, or the absence
Of darkness might spin us off
In parlances, or ‘Poet-Speak’,
Or cubic zirconium diamonds –

Love, what is that? Well, I might end-up
A stressed-out expression,
Declared not-so-sane; voted
Off the TV island, just because –

Time, that may be a creation of men –
Explaining death or God or subtle
Shifts between observations
That affection manifests.

Love is that: a legendary emotion
Twisting to infinity, dreamscapes
Of affinity, joyful tears streaming
To quench a desert mosaic

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Comments (6)

nice write, kelly... regards asma...
Amazing read, Kelly. Unusual images and ideas. The last stanza in particular is brilliant and would make a poem on its own. Warmly, Alison
I like this Kelly!
Rivetting work Kelly with some superb images.
Kelly, poets through the ages have written about love until the term is nearly trite. Your poem has some new things to say. It is a bit analytical, but perhaps that is what makes it so new. I love 'tears subsumed to rain clouds, frothing over a desert lake bed.' This is lovely imagery. The last stanza is so breathtaking, it could stand alone. Good job. Raynette