Time And Time Again

I miss the time of the warm of the sunlight
from moment on this time that as cross my heart
goes by so fast before your eye's the way out sunset over the
at night that count your blessing in life
I have following my dreams in life
that you have beats all the odd's in my life
take down in life on this we taking in this journey
take down in life this
let me count the way of life your blessing in time
ocean's from the river thousand times before
that a long walk in life
goes by so fast in my heart and soul knowing
your heart like a glass that you see right through
we are breaking through in life it was once of time
that you have grated me this wishes tonight in life
no matter what has soon we are take a deep breath
looking in your heart with times has
from his moment on knowing what take times that has
down come walk with a angel that your heart from heaven
shooting star's cross the sky tat you have show me
the distance in that as cross my mind

by sabrina spriggs

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A nice poetic imagination, Sabrina. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks