Time Beats

My heart is giving a beat
of joy from a yesterday,
when life was of easy street
in its innocent sweet on play.
All love was then so easy
in its hours going through,
for life was around carefree
in dreams to become true.

Those times are maybe gone
and not remembered still,
for existence must still go on
to give and new ways fulfill.
We have fresh days ahead
to discover and make all ours,
old existence time has read
yellow are now their flowers.

But I'll remember the days
from those times and sweet,
their epoch and beautiful ways
with regrets I'll always treat.
So many are life's reminiscences
though nothing shall stay still,
for moments into past dances
and are for the fresh to fulfill.

by Peter S. Quinn

Comments (1)

Memories are still shining in life as heart is giving faithful beat to feel life. Heart is really beating with beauty of joy. This is an interesting poem...10