Time Draws Near

As I stand and watch the skies
A million stars decorate the night,
Each star a sign that God is near,
The days are numbered until He reappears.

A silent brush of an Angel's wings,
To let me know how protected I am,
Allows a brief glimpse of Heavenly things,
He lets me know I am never alone.

One day soon I know not when,
The Eastern sky's will open wide,
Allowing a Great Army to descend,
Led by a man dressed in purest white.

The earth cries out with birthing pains,
Because of how we have neglected His Name,
It's all in the Book if we but heed,
He told us all but we must first believe.

The time draws near with earthquakes,
And floods, famines and droughts,
As homes washed away, and people cry out,
They'll try to blame it on the ozone.

They'll blame it on weather patterns,
And the melting of the glacier ice,
But it was foretold long ago,
Written within the lines of a Book.

Some say that even more is written.
Time had to wait on technology,
To catch up so we could read,
What was there for all to see.

Times present, times past, times yet to come,
When a computer can read the encrypted code.
The Holy Words God intended to hide,
That's found within the Holy verse.

But all I ever need to know,
Is to open the Book written long ago,
It tells of the times in which we live,
And what we must do to be forgiven.

Though written thousands of years ago,
The Book's still my road map on which way to go,
I will follow the straight and narrow,
Can you say the same in your cold dark nights.

by Silent Prayer

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Indeed, if we had more faith and less religion, the world woud be a better place. Those whose hearts in which God is not allowed to reside, will only see evil in the Book, as much in the Koran or the Torah as in the Bible.