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Time Fleeting

Time Fleeting
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, August 24,2015

Never fret momentarily my pet
The hour grows near and I'm not thinking clear
Sunrise comes the dawn and I must be gone

I will be back again and more time we'll spend
An untruth expressed I couldn't defend
So calm your fears for the hour draws near my dear

Fill not your heart with sorrow for there's a tomorrow
The hour grows late and emotions I didn't anticipate
Let me hold you now for times doesn't always allow

Moments fleeting so still your eyes from weeping
Crying does no good for I would stay if I could
There's no place I'd rather be than with thee

If life were fair I would stay right here
Coveting desperately yet existing separately
Two entities coexisting without identities

Two half's that made a whole
Life's so cold as we grow old
I would stay all night, but I must go by first light

Tremendously extraordinary time spent
Only if the time I could prevent
I would quell your hearts discontent

Please know my every thought is with you
Every second forever true
No one makes me feel the way you do

Fragmented time draws close
On your lips, I could overdose
So let's share the last toast

For time is fleeting
Passions are overheating
Mere words need repeating

Evermore in time I ‘ll be yours
Affections always endure for sure
For there's no one in this universe that means more

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