Time For Genius's To Take Over

Reality staring into space, wondering why humans don't
like to face it throughout life, continually turning
from it, preferring lies and fantasy to it's truth and

Such is the way of life here on our planet, that's why
our world is rolling over, being turned upside down by
terrorism, muslims and pedophiles.

No way to get out from under the evil cementing people's
lives, because ignorant, greedy and selfish people are
ruling the world through positions in government.

Having been elected by stupid, unknowing people that
cannot think or work for themselves, giving them free
things and handouts to quell their rebellion.

A sorry state of affairs in our world today, time for
the genius's to charge into the fray and take over,
bringing balance and order back into the home of man-
kind and it's hopes for the future.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Reality! The realities of life. Yes, we have to face them and move on. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.