Time Has Come

End it now while im in the right mind

Hear the silence, that is me,
My life, my future, i can’t see,
I have no journey, in front of me,
Dark, empty, and totally lonely,

Endless thoughts, in my mind,
Through my eyes, I am blind,
Vacant expressions, on my face,
Living a life, that is cyberspace,

A deep and painful frown,
A heavy weight, bringing me down,
Pouting lips, I feel i'm losing grip,
Finding it hard, while I’m being ripped to bits,

Paranoia controls me, everyone must see,
Confidence I need, to make me free,
Insecure is the life, that is me,
How can this be, why can’t I see,

Worthlessness, no good for any one,
These are the feelings I have, why go on,
Good for nothing, that is me,
End it now, and I’ll leave me be,

Nobody knows, my real thoughts,
The life I have, I have been taught,
What is known, is not the full truth,
I can’t confide, id rather hide,

Happiness, makes me sad,
Loneliness, makes me mad,
This is my fault, I can not hide,
What has happened, have I died?

Taste the salt, from my tears,
All this brought on, by my fears,
Anger and rage, from within,
If I had a thread, it would be wearing thin,

There is no love, no thoughts, or care,
That is what, drives me to despair,
Why do I try, my life I can’t repair?
What happened to, tender loving care?

Waiting for time, to take me away,
Speed it up, to make it today,
Take me away, end my miserable way,
I don’t know why I bother to stay,

Feel my anger, see my rage,
I have seen this from, an early age,
Learning to trap it in a cage,
The curse I suffer till old age,

Take the steel, to make me feel,
See the pain, inside of me,
On the outside, for me to see,
Slicing through, the outer part of me,

See the blade, with my blood,
Why can this, make me feel so good?
There is no pain, all I see is blood,
Reality comes, with a heavy thud,

Here comes the warmth,
See the red, flowing away,
Like my life, everyday,
Makes me wonder, why I stay,

I hate my thoughts, when im like this,
In my body, no-one here exists,
In this empty lonely life, I must persist,
But deep down, I know, I won’t be missed,

End the pain, no life will remain,
No more of this mental strain,
If you lived this life, you would know pain,
That’s why I should drain it from, my vain,

I can’t do it any more,
Im the one, people ignore,
Im in this alone, in my life,
Until I reach the afterlife,

A certain time that proved to me,
I am on my own, alone to be,
A lost cause, is what I am,
There's no other way, but to start the plan,

The time will come, for me to go,
This is something, that I do know,
I won’t be missed, as it has been proved,
Choose the time, to be removed,

The time will be, when there’s a new start,
Ill choose that time, to drain my broken heart,
I have no life, I don’t exist,
So it’s worth taking, that risk,

Fill my veins, with poisons around,
Hover my body, above the ground,
Feel the burning fiber, around my neck,
One fatal move, i wont be hitting the deck,

My life will drain, from out of me,
The lights will fade, I won’t be able to see,
One last grasp, of my final breath,
That will be the end, it will be my death,

There is no love, in my soul,
There is no love, to make me whole,
My life I have has been untold,
I’ve suffer from, that heavy load,

What do I do, I just don’t know,
Will I be staying or should I just go,
has my time come, to move on,
one day in the near future I will be gone.

by brads brads

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