Time Healing Wounds

After mourning
Pain and sorrow –
Bereavement and grief
Dawn woke up

Sunrise dried up tears
Light at break of day
Time healing wounds
In the interim existing

Occupying space
When a jolt of lightning
Electricity itself
Brought life instead

No more grumpiness
No more screams
Endless sadness,
Misery and gloom

It is my rebirth
Coming up from my grave
Without hesitation
I fell in love again

How could this happen
Never crossed my mind
When I was not even looking
It fell on my lap

Everyday I think about him
Good thoughts crossing my mind
I am alive and beyond doubt living
Thanks to time healing wounds

by Ana Monnar

Comments (2)

After mourning pain and sorrow, bereavement and grief, Dawn woke up; These are beautiful words of wisdom, I share this connection with youl Charles Garcia
These miracles happen! What I take away from this piece is the conviction that you describe a real experience. 'Dawn woke up' is my favorite line.