Time Heals All Wounds

It scares me to think
that time heals all wounds...because
it doesn't just heal,
it takes away too.

With each day that goes by
another memory dies
Soon I'll have nothing left of you.

I'll forget how it felt to lie next to you
our bodies touching; our legs intertwined;
your eyes analyzing the depths of my soul.

I'll forget how it feels to see you
knowing that soon I'll be in your arms
kissing the night away.

I'll forget that night by the pool;
the cold, wet grass driving us
closer into each other's arms.

I'll forget how you snuggled up behind me in bed,
held me tight
and brushed my neck with soft, sincere kisses.

I'll forget the butterfly sensation
that accompanied every hug, every kiss,
every touch.

Time can heal my wounds, in fact I hope it does.
But these memories are all I have of you.

I don't want to forget.

by Kristi Grové

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