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Time Heals Old Wounds
KW (December 5th,1981 / Pasadena)

Time Heals Old Wounds

Poem By Kovan White

Given all that's happened in the past I still hope your doing ok
Even though my last poem ended with I have no more to say

It was entitled "The Turnover"
That poem really got me into making words rhyme
And I have wrote plenty since that time

We separated on a sour note
Hopefully for both of us things will end bitter sweet
Believe it or not, I hope one day you and I can finally meet

To forever bury the hatchet and to once and for all patch things up
The last thing I want to do is interrupt
Because the last time we spoke your boyfriend said, " no more talking and stuff"

Just wanted to say I'm doing wonderfully and I hope your life takes heed
Just try to dismiss those in your life you don't really need

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