Time Honoured Feud. (Britain 1980's)

Poem By Gillian.E. Shaw

Driven on by the economic whip
hurried down from the glen
assuredly ignorant, unread men:
spirited, canny and swift.

Lofty lawgiving legislators wove
a weak and feeble web:
betrayed those in search of a marriage bed;
doomed too: body and soul.

Some took their chance and cast their raft upon
a harsh and vengeful sea:
adrift gave life; beauty couldn't unite thee.
Crude; deliberate done
the line goes on.

Comments about Time Honoured Feud. (Britain 1980's)

Raw, strong, captures the decade well, with Tebbitt's immortal line. Almost as strong as 'Let them eat cake'. Great snapshot of the period. Patrick
Aye, Maggie's Den. Number ten. Nice work Gillian. Danny

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