Time In A Bottle

My mind ever hagridden with nightmares.
My sweetest dreams transformed, and twisted.
Like time in a bottle, with no escape!
The melody that once soothed me, now, torments my soul.
I close my eyes unaware! Confusion seeps slowly
through the cracks.
Already weakened defenses shattered by a simple flicker of the past.
Promises abandoned…distorted, made ugly.
Truth and innocents abused beyond recognition.
Failing to reason, feeling like a child left in the forest to starve.
Not understanding why something is,
yet trying to accept it without question,
is maddening!
Trying so hard to accept what the heart won’t allow.
Waiting, outwardly silent for any sign of hope, that
you were not forsaken.
You watch as each moment crumbles, testimony to the contrary.
Nothing to suggest the slightest concern, for the simplest of human compassion.
Slowly, self-preservation drives you deeper into darkness.
Placing as much distance as possible, between oneself,
and such wicked tempest!
Casting yourself into the element.
Entrusting to be carried about through time,
as you’re tossed upon the waves…
Like time in a bottle, with no escape!

by Faye Fleming

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