Time In A Day

As I sit here and eat my dinner
I realize another day has come and gone
I watch out the window
Watching traffic move along

There are other patrons in the place
Little chatter here and there
While everyone gets there food
I am still sitting here

All alone in my own world
The waitress comes over with a smile
I order my drinks and look over the menu
Something simple today so I sit a while

Working on my paperwork
Never a dull moment in my life
All I seem to do is work
Never a break or a real life

My life is consumed by the spirit of God
He helps me along my way, day to day
Keeping the faith, helps me along
Safety is number one priority everyday

As I sit here and write
I can't help but to think
How my life has changed
Time for another drink

So much on my mind
How will I ever get it all down
Thinking about the past and the future
Trying not to frown

I am so tired but not the sleepy kind
My mind is worn down from working long days
11 hour days and 10 hour breaks
There is not enough time in my days

Written July 31st,2017

by Dawn Keller

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