Time Is Dump (Ii)

Poem By Aswani Sammy Luyove

Time Is Dump (II)

When you pronounced your love
I felt like a male dove,
And knew loneliness was gone,
But why am I alone!
When you laid your breast
On my bony chest,
I felt them prick me the best.
It was a lightening sensation
That seemed wouldn't come to suspension,
And the sweet scent of the oil in your hair
That ever engulfed the air
Ticking a permanent register in my noses,
Yet I'm lonely!

When we wallowed in the valley
You and me, between East and West alley
With our hearts still fallow and swift
Like the remote adventure valley in the Rift
Where we kissed the first
And my nerves caught frost
And I became subconscious
But you thought I was smiling
So you went own with the killing!
Yet today I am lonely,
Still waiting for time to tell.

When you stretched
Your long body on my bed,
What do you think I thought in my head!
I had become somebody instead
To deserve of such refined gold
From the vast in the entire erratic world.
And we wooed we would remain two
Thinking days would be few
And we confined our fate and dreams by time
But now time won't say nor remember a thing!
Tell me why I'm lonely,
Now that time our trusted master is dump!

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