MH (1950 / Ohio)

. Time Is Not A River

Time is not a river
Nor a ticking clock
Nor an hourglass

We cannot save time
We cannot spend time
We cannot borrow time
We cannot buy time
We cannot cheat time

Time is not a gift
Time is not our friend
Nor our enemy
Time is not on our side
Time is not ours in any sense
Save for the single second
That holds our full attention
Then slips forever beyond grasp

by Mary Havran

Comments (7)

beautiful like my
this is the wink of the eye that searches and i just wish time was a dream and i am hearing that here, i guess i just want to breathe on the stream and count the numbers precisely
this is the only moment we haveto live. concept of time beautifully brought out.
I am in full agreement with your concept of time. I have written on similar concepts! -Raj Nandy
Encapsules with finesse the very essence of time. Best wishes to you Mary.
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