Time Is Not Staying In Place

Many relive to revisit,
Actions they had taken yesterday.
Instead of being accountable,
With a staying that way.

Procrastinators afraid of making mistakes,
Often discover themselves behind the 'eight' ball...
When their game comes to an ends to offer no escape.

Time is not staying in place with a tolerated patience,
Awaiting for anyone to chase it with lives kept on hold...
After realizing decisions to make to have been made,
Becomes too late to offer the same excuses.
Time comes to give and when that's done it goes.

And accusing others to blame like many do,
The ones accepting to move on and adapt to change...
Have lived pro-active and not distracted by childish tactics.
To not feel guilt or remorse,
But divorce from such thoughts to explain their laid tracks.

Kept attitudes remaining the same,
Results in the receiving of repeated consequences.
And those unconsious refusing to comprehend,
Or pay attention when the time came to be given to them...
Are voices heard to hear but few are the ears that listen.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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ears that listen, thanks, I like it.