Missing You

The things I did to be with you
Some things I thought I'd never do
These shameful things only make me see
Just how selfish I can be
But after all this time I still regret
Not speaking the truth and those i upset
That one short month I can honestly say
Was the best of my life to this day
All the looks, hugs, kisses we shared
Were beyond the most hopeful dreams I dared
Even the times when we would just sit
Alone together and our eyes were lit
With the happiness we had together back then
Before I messed up my life again
As I write this tears smear the ink
I wipe them off and try to think
What I could have been or could have done
To keep us together like the moon and sun
As I sit here alone in this empty room
All I can think is that I'm missing you

by Dan Jones

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Comments (15)

Nice poem,its true
The essence and intricacies of Time are aptly captured in the poem. Focused and factual.
Nice poem, I liked the words. They flow welled
Oh yes. You just have said the truth. Fine.
Yes, Time is different for those who see it for their own purpose.
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