Standing On The Beach

Standing On The Beach

We are standing on the beach
Watching the sunset slowly go down
With this slow blowing breeze
and waves rolling across our feet

With you standing so ever close
You in front and me just behind
With our hands so ever inter twined

With your hair blowing in my face
It smelling so ever saccharine
I loosen one hand reach up
And pull your hair aside

Then I lean my head so ever slightly
Towards your sweet smell neck
Then I begin to lightly kiss it
from top to bottom

I can notice the chill bumps
Across your exposed skin
You moan so ever slightly
As to give your approval

You softly curse my head
As to want me to continue
This so ever lightly kissing of the neck

by Scott Austin

Comments (15)

Nice poem,its true
The essence and intricacies of Time are aptly captured in the poem. Focused and factual.
Nice poem, I liked the words. They flow welled
Oh yes. You just have said the truth. Fine.
Yes, Time is different for those who see it for their own purpose.
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