Time, Mother Nature And Patience

If it was possible for many,
To turn back the clock...
It would be returned to that time,
They found within themselves...
A choice to choose with ease,
That taste to discredit someone's deeds.
And decide then to say nothing at all,
Instead of create an atmosphere of deceit.

But that opportunity for them is not meant to be.
Since time has a way,
To reveal the truth for what it is.
And for those not living it,
As they now hoped they did...
Would not find themselves,
Not only exposed without credibility.
But also without places they can run and hide.
After denying any involvement,
In the implementation of their wicked ways.

Time, Mother Nature and Patience...
Seem to have been closer in their association,
Than many were led to believe.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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